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Black Market 15″ Straight Tube w/ Disk Perc – (Glass Review)


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Today I am reviewing & christening my new straight tube!! This was blown by Paul at Black Market Glass out of Portland, Oregon. It’s a 15″ stemless boro straight tube with a single disk perc. It has an 18mm female stem & a 4″ hexagon base!

Very stoked to add this tube to the collection! Overall I give it a solid [4.9/7]

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  • Would you say this is the best daily driver for the price

  • Damn bro you look just like Matthew Stafford.

  • you really should manscape some man. a beard is a privilege not a right.

  • isn't a review suppose to be after you use the piece for awhile? not just after a first couple hits so we actually know what you really like and what you don't like.

  • Nice man??

  • Josh, how you doing man? You seem like you are in some kind of funk lately :-/

  • Josh, have you ever gone to wave your hempwick out and think its out but its not and you burn yourself?   I hate when that happens..

  • Lol its just a female bowl lots of companies an glass blowers make them octo bowl is just a brand name.

  • Straight tubes are my fav

  • I hate when the bowl gets stuck in the down stem and u gotta pull the bowl and downstem out to clear it 

  • What, no invite to puff along?? J/K Josh, keep em coming!!!!!!!

  • Black market glass is whack to much drag. I like my scientific kush puckline better.

  • I like your vids but when your rating system is kinda wack. 4.9 is technically a 5 cuz the 9 rounds the 4 up so your actual rating is 5 out of 7 

  • Have you considered using glass joint wax? Can be a little messy over time but it eliminates the grind and stick and makes for a better seal.


  • Hi there josh, Ive been a fan of your channel for some time and have also been a sub for a Long time, really love the down to earth vibe from your videos. I also suffer from GI issues, (GERD and ibs) and use cannabis to relief my symptoms. I was wondering what gi issues you have, if your comfortable sharing, and some of the best strains that have relieved your ailments. Thank you for producing such upbeat content, even when the gi issues are kicking your ass, it motivates me to also stay positive through rough times. 

  • always love seeing the glass you have to show cheers josh!

  • Josh! What happend to the pass it to the left bong??? Who has it?

  • Cheers josh! Always nailing that content! ?

  • cheers n nice bong