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“Black Cherry Soda” – (Concentrate Review)


Black Cherry Soda is a 80/20 Sativa dominant Hybrid strain by TGA genetics. It gives you a great calming body high with a very creative and euphoric head high. Great for headaches, muscle spams, pain, stress, depression, and anxiety.

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  • Been staring at this strain for so long just because I can't get my hands on it. I want to get some so badly, i can only imagine the taste.

  • Josh you are so good at explaining the flavors. Im smoking on Black Cherry Soda flower and your right on point. For me its the best strain for PTSD. So motivating! I give it a 7.2 out of 8. Cheers & conquer your fears.

  • I fucking love you ?? you're like a big ass teddy bear and you look like my science teacher ?

  • I keep hearing you talk about alien genetics. do they have there own web site. I don't seen to be able to find it!!

  • Watching you smoke that made my raise buds tingle… 

  • Really enjoy your reviews man! Cheers!

  • New sub
    top video!

  • Hope your healing well CHEERS bro!!

  • whats your twitch??? ?

  • Dude does not ghost at all. lol

  • I picked up 4gs of this at the MMJ market last friday, its fire!

  • what's the name of your rig? Thing's dope.

  • This concentrate sounds heavenly! And the packaging is definitely a plus haha! Hope all is going well bro hopefully see you in a stream soon!

  • I am so jealous of you guys and your Trex Concentrates!!!!
    I can't wait to see some here in Oregon sometime!
    Cheers and thanks for knowledge man! SubCoolTGA Rocks!

  • Sad that I'll never have T-Rex again.  They're always sold out by the time I get up there (11am) from Vancouver, usually by customgrow420 buying it all, and that was never the case before. Not worth the drive now.

  • Cheers from Gotham city ? 3027

  • I wish we had smell o-vision.

  • Bro thats soooo crazy im smoking on the flower black cherry soda i go to whitecenter where do you go????? 

  • Sounds amazing cheers homeboy