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*This is not a sponsored post, this stuff is absolutely awful*

I was wandering through the local hipster store, when I came across the holy grail of douchey water, “BLK”. I don’t think you understand, this bottle has A WHOLE EXTRA PH IN THIS MOTHERFUCKER. It’s Gluten free, gmo free, organic, root filtered, vegan friendly, acid-filled, puddle water tasting deliciousness in a bottle. I mean it folks, you yourself can drink today, for the low price of probably more than 8 dollars, water that you brain will be subconsciously screaming at you not to drink because it looks like literal swamp water. Oh yeah, and i’m going to try to smoke some weed through it.

You should probably not try this. Don’t know how safe the inhalation of fulvic acid fumes could be, and I don’t want to be held responsible for one of you hurting yourself, so don’t be dumb… like me ;P

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  • I like the contrast

  • It only tastes different because you expect it to because it's black if you close your eyes and drink it it tastes normal

  • The beard is more douchey than Fiji water, lol. No offence

  • You're cute kms ♡

  • Man I'm Just Like You When I'm High Bro!?

  • now use sprite ??

  • can't you rip bongs with drinks other than water tho ? like juice or something like that ?

  • do voss water

  • u crease me up

  • literally literally literally literally

  • After taking a couple dozen rips my bong water looks like the fuckin Goo Lagoon

  • 8 bucks?!?!?! fuck they're like 3 here

  • actually, black has is amazing, its ph levels are amazing, has amazing benefits

  • Drink nestle pure life! Fiji isn't from Fiji, it's just tap water.

  • "Literally" "like" n "actually" need to leave your vocabulary

  • When i was in high school, there was a guy who used Red Bull in his water pipe.. He still regrets that decision till this day.

  • He said he's never buy it but he bought a bottle of it ??

  • You should do a video about swapping out bong water for other liquids to see how much of a difference it would make, like soda or milk or alcohol!

  • the difference of one pH level is very different cause it's a logarithmic Scale. from 7 to 8 it's actually double

  • dude i love blk water in my bong tryed it 2 months ago