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BioDiesel Concentrate Strain Review (Denver Relief) Gil goes to Colorado to do a strain review with Adam from Denver Relief, who is the resident expert on Biodiesel!


  • smoked some of that and ate the roach and threw up. lmfao I didnt have any legs,


  • never mind not collie man


  • @senteno25 Probably the tobacco paper if you haven't figured it out by now.

  • showing love to the 303

  • @ganjatoker1000 slightly stoopid this joint

  • Why dont you guys use blunts?

  • "your parties fuckin over with cause your smokin joints and rollin spliffs" haha

  • shoulda dabbed it

  • i took a hit with you guys while i watched this. lol

  • I am using BioDiesel right now out of my Volcano!

  • NiCe!!!!! IM SmOKiN On SuM DaNk AsS BiO dIeSeL fRoM cOlOrAdO sPrInGS MaN I LOVE ThIs SmOkE!!!!

  • yeah what song is playing while you guys were toking up

  • song while smoking?

  • @OldsCool1972 have new ones coming soon… (as you know! hahaha) thanks again for the pad for the big SD WeedMaps patient get together. The last joint of the day (table joint with weed left over on the table from the event) was special.

  • @superbeast00 wax and taffy is where it's at!

  • @SDWeedReview seriously… Maybe next month you should meet me out there for a day or two.

  • @xxxxdarksidexxxx thanks for the love!

  • Straight up to all the cats at nug porn, love the videos. LOVE the S.D. S.S. music, my homies seedless are trying to get in on that gorillaback action. Stoopid is ill. Oil caught on fire? Crazy.