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“Big Wreck” – (Strain Review)


Big Wreck is an incredibly solid strain that’s a cross between (Big Bug x Trainwreck), that provides you with a very euphoric cerebral high and a functional body stone!

Overall I give this strain a solid [6.6/7]

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  • Ennnnn-(DAB ON EM!!!!)-tirrrrellly different

  • amazing quality Josh, it seems like you're upset about something when you say "very".

  • How would I be able to tell if my bud is indica or sativa?

  • Josh i think that you should start a growing playlist on this channel. i wanna see if strain central has a green thumb.

  • im usually skeptical when big bud is in the lineage. because of the thc percent.

  • Did anybody noticed he Dabbed after he Dabbed? 03:30

  • ✌️️ from Nor California – keep rolling ♿️

  • What the fuck is this Chanel like what the fuck

  • Where did you get your shirt?

  • Follow cannibasoilcures on Instagram

  • Please do northern lights!

  • is weed smoke bad foyou

  • You have to put the accoustic foam in fron of you, not behind you, since your voice is headed that way.

  • Trainwreck is my favorite strain for sure. Would be interesting to try this one.

  • i have some atomic northern lights right now, and I was wondering if u could do a review on it

  • 3:30 dab

  • No vaporizer?

  • so what does baked get you?

  • love all the wrecks, thanks josh… btw I have ANXIETY plus some ADD and LOVE this strain!

  • Hey josh love the videos. Here is a video idea "worst puns made on

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