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Berner Strain Showcase: Hardcore OG – Are you ready for another Strain Showcase?! Check out Gil and Berner blaze up some of West Coast Cure’s famous Hardcore OG flower with a fat joint and milky bong rips.

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  • Berner the man, he need to come back to philly but not the voltage club shit was stupid they wouldnt let us smoke, at the end he told everyone to spark it fuck the managers, so i passed him my joint he left with it lol

  • Berner is the man, he knows what's up when it comes to the weed

  • When people say they can't roll joints… I say… practice! I started out rolling blunts in a RAW roller and eventually started rolling them by hand and then went on to rolling RAW papers by hand. I screwed up maybe a few rolls when I first started, but you eventually get the hang of it and get faster.

  • berner! what up

  • nice show

  • Real jelly bean is amazing real cheese Real Nebula real fruity pebble kush real kg-13 

  • w

    the way I see it you guys are getting free weed too say that ever single strain of you smoke is the bomb I never seen a bad review.

  • I love that piece!

  • everyone in america rolls like i did when i was 10 years old…literally. if you roll thinner and longer it tastes purer and burns more efficiently (lasts longer).

  • gets you through the day…..LOL

  • berners one of the games greatest growers and is still so humble gangster

  • A lot more views with this one 

  • The jar is yours, but the OG stays here.


  • What's the name of the tip he used for the joint?

  • Need a plug 

  • Ain't nothing like some good good mmmm


  • Tnx for the reply fellas ? now I'm in the know! Cheers! ??????????