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Berner Showcases FlavRX – Berner drops into the WM TV studio to check out some genuine Girl Scout Cookies solvent-free CO2 oil.


  • i got one just like this one. bang stick. sometimes i get containers that for some reason get leaks in them and barely hit.

  • Price?

  • Berner is just reading what the box says concerning the solvent-free process and the CO2 oil cartridge. Should jump on the company who makes them before getting on Berner about it.

  • Let me guess… Berner just invested $100,000 in FlavRx.

  • the tangie is so tasty

  • Is flaxRX just catridges? Or does the vape pen come with it?

  • Picked it up today at local shop. Smoke whole .5 grams in 30 minutes and barely got medicated. Tasted good but was weak ass

  • Yo berner, you said this pen is SOLVENT FREE & it was Co2 in the same damn sentence..I caught it but for those who ain't hip to the world of extracts..u don't wanna mislead them. Co2 is a SOLVENT.. MUCH LUV ON THE STRAIN REVIEWS THO

  • havin fun smoking a lot of weed

  • pretty dope that berners actually in song thats playing

  • Sometimes I wish I lived in the USA, here in Australia it's still illegal. So there's nobody making anything like that here 

  • Question, do these come with a vape pen and cartridge or is everything separate? 

  • would like to know more about the average price range of these pens.

  • Just so we all know, CO2 is a solvent. It is also a very inferior solvent for the fact that it one; does not strip the terpene molecules from cannabis, and two, CO2 does not kill microbiological life, in fact it concentrates it.
    CO2 removes the naturally occurring terpene molecules that provide cannabis with its flavor, aroma, direction of high, synergistic effects, and important medicinal benefits. CO2 also concentrates all the microbiological life in to the concentrate you will be vaping. BHO if done correctly strips terpenes, cannabinoids, and other important phytochemicals as well as drops below -20C which kills all microbiological life. Science.

  • ????

  • i got an oasis brand setup gsc cartridge. basically the same shit but different brand. I like it, but concerned about the value cuz their kinda expensive. But their pretty bomb and i guess their gaining popularity and their best used for discreet use to get high were your not supposed too (even though im a patient) without detection lol

  • idea celebrity vines people vaping in the most mind altering areas

  • Those look good

  • oh wow, he DOESNT talk ghetto as shit all the time, just around black people!

  • I fuck w/ the NugRun Shatter and dab it on a nail, but I'm getting a feeling that these NugRun Shatter in a Pen will be the future, And a beautiful future at that.