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Berkeley Patients Care Collective – Midnight – Highly Tested Purple Indica – Once again Gil is joined by Alec from SC Labs who has brought a beautiful purple NorCal strain called Midnight to the table. Cheers!


  • I've smoked that bud midnight from PCC it's legit´╗┐

  • Homeboy on the left needs to do his homework! 1)GDPxOG makes GODSGIFT! 2)GODSGIFT HAS BEEN OUT FOR NEARLY A DECADE! People don't let this guy in the blue shirt give u the wrong idea! It kinda already looks like hez all bummed out anywayz cuz it looks like he don't even know whet hez talking about! Hez getting famouse for nothing! This strain been out and all the real potheads from the bay know this shit since Mac Dre!!!

  • it looks like midnight, perf name.

  • fire

  • I personally can't stand strains that take longer than 7 weeks to flower so I'm all about crossing killer purple genetics and fast flowering og strains to get the best of both .

  • Hey GILLLL , you GILLED IT meeeeen , you really GILLED IT …

  • I agree

  • Right on bro, but what do u expect he is a major stoner, no offense! Not generalising, I can watch his clips all day but he should try to smoke some other stuff too!! I'm a sativa aficionado myself and I feel left out…bring out some hybrids even. U feel me?! I'm so envious of all u who live in California but I'm sure theres not simply OG's and Indicas in Cali right…variety please
    Peace from Canada

  • Thats GodsGift!!!!! Gil !!

  • the beat for the song is empire of the sun – walking on a dream but i cant find tha remix

  • i still wanna know the song name!!!

  • PLEASE what type of huge tube is on the very right

  • its his bowl he can do whatever he wants to that shit

  • people, GDP x OG kush is GOD'S GIFT! not midnight. Looks bomb tho finna need to pick some up

  • damn that looks bomb

  • jesus, gdp crossed with og kush, that sounds like a knock out indica…no wonder it's called midnight

  • why must you rub your fingers all over the bud -_-

  • @nugporn can we buy this song on iTunes if not where can we get it I love it lol

  • @snaggypaggy if you find out let me know I'll do the same!! If anyone knows let us know

  • @crafty112 Second this.