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“Bent Capsule C7” – (Glass Review)


Smokefox sent over another awesome piece of Bent Glass! This piece has an incredibly unique chug to it, straight ripper!! 😛

Bent Glass Capsule C7 – (

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  • looks like thctemple's bong

  • JOSH! Whats your favourite to smoke, Oil/Concentrates or Flower?!

  • Ur my fav cannibis channel

  • I love your positivity!!! I try and spread it wherever I go!

  • who else hates it how he talks after a big hit

  • congratulations on 250k man! keep it up

  • Hey Josh! If you haven`t tried Magic Truffles, you should definitely try it out. It was like a door opened for me when i tripped, everything i ever learned made sense, and me and my buddy sat there and discussed the meaning of life and all that deep-shit, it was actually really mind blowing all of the things we came up with, which turned out to be true. Love the videos, keep em up!
    Ps: I am smoking a long ;)

  • Was gone for a few weeks and zero strain reviews

  • 2 bad golden ticket is just for us :(

  • hey Josh, can you do a piece review for flower that you like.

  • Bruh I need some weed it's my break and I need to get my homework done or I won't pass this year and I'll have to take summer school and retake the year next year but my moms drug testing me so I just have to except that I'm gonna be stressed out of my mind for the next 4 years until I'm hold enough to take the GED

  • Here to rip the fattest clouds.

  • Hey Josh, i recently bought a Vape (flowermate 5.0s) and i was wondering how much herb you need to put in it and for how long (how many heat cycles and how many puffs (long or short)) you need to get medicated. Maybe you could make a cannabis education video on how to maximise your herbs using a vape or how to use a vape correctly (hopefully using the FM 5.0s :p ).

    Cheers! And hopefully u take it into consideration!

  • Did you ever mention trailer park boys in one of your vids? I don't know if it was you, crutch or jolie olie..
    Pls respond ;))

  • You know something that I love about Josh's channel? Is that he never stops posting and his videos never get boring! He always has new things to talk about and has probably the most positive vibes on all of YouTube. Stay high josh. Keep up the good work!

  • It would be really nice to see some reviews on good flower bongs. Oil isn't always that easy to come by outside of the legal states.

  • beautiful glass man! love the close ups.

  • lol is he still talking at me lol i have him blocked idiot!!!!

  • wish I was smoking with ya just got my wisdom teeth out

  • Can you do another video with crutch or like a Skype smoke sesh or something