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Belmont Shore Natural Care Dispensary Tour Take a tour of Belmont Shore Natural Care in Long Beach, CA! Check out their cool recycling program, and the daily deals they have to offer!


  • thanks, my bad everyone knows you never go full retard

  • basically theyre saying theyre a "nonprofit" company

  • This might sound full retard but what do these places mean when you "give" a donation? Donation for their dispensery, therefor you get a better deal? to get more goodies?

  • BSNC has some very kind herbs and edibles are yummy. i go there at least once a week and the women know their herbs. i agree a topless would be bomb weed and titties everywhere…..

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  • seeing people having to act like that everyday is a pain. just fucking legalize it!!!!

  • i think im in love ……….the girl is pritty hot 2

  • Santa Ana? It's in Long Beach!

  • 60 dollar eight. NOt worth that unless drenched in thc crystals

  • for the recycling program, if i bring in containers from another dispensary, does it still count?

  • @abaDGK O wait what about a topless dispensary!

  • can you review some dispensaries in orangecounty? we already know about CPA can you find some other high end ones?

  • @zb813 chiller than an ice took offense.aha.

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  • Smoking lady buds

  • Close down that aperture, the shallow DOF is annoying on those budshots.

  • I stopped watching at 0:37 when I seen the menu board it says $70 for a eight lol sorry but thats the highest I have seen – lollll – nothing against you Gil love the channel – Peace

  • @MorbidAngelification you just have to look for the good places. green ribbon in riverside ca has 35 dollar eighths of top quality herb and just last week the had a special for green crack ten bucks an eighth.

  • @theRickmeister3 whatt!! i had no clue man thankz alot.

    do you know why they call them donations instead of saying " its 50 for an eight"

  • their deals are awesome.