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Behind the Smoke Screen – talks to influencers about the strict marijuana drug policy in the NFL. Kyle Turley shares his experience with Marijuana as a medicine to help with the neurological damage caused by head injuries sustained during an all-pro NFL career that ended in 2007. Article:


  • 3 people are fuckin feds

  • Football is so boring to watch imo.

  • The NFL is the corporate world's baby. They have these 'rules' to make them 'normal' to the masses…"well, if an NFL player has to take a blood test, then so will I". If you want to be an NFL player and make a ton of cash…you have to go by the rules, otherwise, you end up like Sean Taylor.
    The NFL is a big part in keeping us DUMB and submissive, I loved playing the game and I like watching my fav team, but it is CORRUPT to the core.
     There is no way the NFL is going to allow cannabis as a useable substance, the CORPORATION OF AMERICA (WASHINGTON D.C.) is not ready for that yet. Get back to work , slaves, nothing to see here.

  • kyle turney so much respect

  • If someone would rather take a script for pot  instead of a script for oxycotton for their pain management why would anyone else want to tell them what to do unless they are selling pills. opiates aren't even good for long term pain management they just get u addicted with serious withdrawls and have to have the drug just to feel well and they have to keep stepping the dose up and they are terrible for your liver and over 10,000 people a year die from an over dose just from opiates. states that legalized marijuana people are getting off of the pain pill addictions and finding it works better for pain than all the pills the pharmaceutical companys are pushing and thats probably the only people pushing for a no and probbly bought off the yes campane, all the old folks homes are big big money for pill pushers and if your had to go to an old folks home wouldn't you want to go to one that let you smoke pot if you had a medical card

  • Jacob lavaro need everyone who supports cannabis to support him please if you see the repost look up please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jacob lavaro need everyone who supports cannabis to support him please if you see the repost look up please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • there are no bad drugs, only bad people…

  • Bro that mole on that guys nose tripped me tf out lol I thought there was a fat piece if shatter stuck to my phone screen lmao 

  • Wow, Kyle Turley is a talented man. 

  •  the song at 2:54 ?

  • hooray for dope!

  • Well done weedmaps keep up the strong work.

  • super awesome :)

  • Excellent!

  • I'm disappointed Kyle Turley needed a rolling machine to roll a joint. Lol, jk. Nice vid. Who Dat!