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Doing a quick review on the Vapecode TN01! After using this for a couple days, i’m finally ready to do a full review on this battery powered, re-chargeable, fully portable e-nail! Once the unit is fully charged, it offers about 30 uses! It’s made of fully of titanium & ceramic.

Overall I give the TN01 a solid [5.1/7]


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  • Hey Boss, how does that compare to the Torchless nail made in Oregon? They both are portable and have the same stuff

  • if youre gonna do a review say the price and say where we can buy it otherwise the review is pointless

  • Hey Josh! just wanted to say Merry Danksmas and happy New year. thank you for your honest reviews and knowing, I ordered my first enail, this one!! last night for a gift and got it on sale for 140!! soo excited to finally have something to use on my froth perc from tag? was going to get a torch, and thougjt in long run and safety wise, i couldnt beat it. peace and cheers, Justin

  • Great camera angle looking down at the nail when dabbling.

  • 5.1 out of 7??? haha ive never herd of out of 7, took me a while to actually figure if it was a good rating or not lol. Love the Channel cheers.

  • It would be so easy to limit the button activation..

  • Great review dude this device is bomb with the updated bowls !

  • link for product???

  • Homie! Sorry for the harshness of my comments you da man was a lil stressed out.

  • was wondering if you or anyone at all could answer this for me. can you bring an e-nail on a plane? like on your under carry. wanted to dab in another country but torches are a no go on planes and obtaining a torch or fuel in another country is going to be near to impossible. thanks in advance to anyone who travels and dabs and can answer this for me!!

  • I hate to see this and that YOCAN stuff :

  • that would be so good to bring to hemp fest!!

  • Great review Josh!!! thumbs up!!!! STRAIN CENTRAL!!! keep doing your thing.

  • Why do you seem so down josh ?..

  • The future this is what your grandchildren are going to smoking future lol -PE

  • Just cant get on board with all this dabbing and stuff. Looks sooo complicated. Bought myself a rig and torch. Was into it for about a month then jus went back to flower. Idk just seems like such a different "lighter" high. Idk dont mind them just wouldnt go out of my way to get aaaall that expensive equipment. Maybe cuz im a grower i appreciate the bud more then wax. Cool vid tho peace josh

  • Love ur vids man , keep doin what ur doing

  • lol "bustin a torch in the car" :()

  • Nice melt shot josh