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18+older. Larf nuggets (popcorn), leafy, and seeded! Seeded weed does not produce good weed! Enjoy!




  • im high as fuck so ok

  • try east coast reg if u think that's bad

  • you guys haven't check out the stuff here from Malaysia yet

  • shut up about the weed
    you should appreciate that it is legal asshole

    there is fucken dudes doing 35 yrs for weed deals and †here loss of freedom ius your fucken gain

    shut your fucken mouth

  • whys the water red ??

  • Btw I buy my shit from the streets lol Texas sucks rn.

  • Reggie is bad weed isn't it? I get 15 a G shit never Reggie that shit makes me slumped and lazy. Fucking hate it

  • Joe: Bunko weed!… 5mn later: Smokes that weed

  • i love you maryjane from brick up out mexico or the stuff that medically grown…….

  • I have a friend who sell me that for 30 pesos the gram, but it is not easy to get here in mexico… I'm pretty lucky

  • im sorry all the viewers that commented are stupid and dont understand good tree lol, that was fucking disgusting how many seeds fall out. i live in la and sf and i have never seen some shit like that. but i have purchased shatter or oil and returned it multiple times in both cities lol

  • weeds weed man ill take that shit reall quick all i smoke is regi and girl scout kookies,, dont complain about weed man

  • u too fucking lazy to check a tiny little amount of weed for seeds before you put it in the bowl?…sad state of affairs…

  • smonk weed everyday

  • all weed is good

  • lol if thats bad weed then im cat shit lol im from ohio what do u expect

  • that's pretty nice weed for me man.

  • i want to c the goog weed

  • Haha a refund because of seeds…damn, i'll be stoked the day that becomes thing

  • Dude, I love your videos! I subscribed.