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Autospense by Dispenselabs
Autospense is a unique, automated dispensing system for all forms of medical marijuana.
Using fingerprint and registration card access, patients can easily obtain their medicine twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, in a safe, secure, monitored location.
Autospense is specifically designed to properly control transactions and manage inventory, making it easier for store owners to apply sound business practices. Maintaining clear financial records has never been easier. This significantly improves profitability, accountability, and patient satisfaction.
Visit for your nearest Autospense location, or call 1-800-316-6071 to provide Autospense to your patients.


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  • now just have a vending machine for sodas and food next to  this,  u will make millions 

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  • does health insurance cover medical marijuana?

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  • WHAT ABOUT THE GUY THAT HAS TO RESTOCK THE MACHINE , wouldn't he be at risk to the law enforcement , such as the ones shutting down the other human operated dispensaries , DA FUQ!?

  • its to fragile and fancy. if it was on the street in an unmonitored location, id be broken into and all the weed stolen within a week

  • Put these in every major city in America….problem solved

  • As in way too cheap – because the in Germany usual prices are (as I heard) about 7-10 Euro a gram.

  • The girl at the counter must be stoked that you're selling the machine that's gonna get her fired.

  • Da fuq as in too expensive, or way too cheap? because that's like 5 cents a gram, even cheaper than in the Netherlands.

  • How the video should have ended. "Identifying solutions in the way medical marijuana patients access their medicine… wink"

  • "Meds would get dry as hell" Damn boy, from where i come from you are lucky if u even get a full bag! Here some idiots powder/add stuff to their buds in order to make it look like its really potent.

  • ok…..which dispensary had a illegitimate child with a Red Box?!


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