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Product Review: Woodstalk Curing Jars

Welcome back to another review PNW fans!! Today we're going to show you the Woodstalk Bamboo storage jars, a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to glass storage jars. There are several alternatives for cannabis storage, from the CVault (metal) containers to Dope Jars (glass) and everything in between, but these were the

Concentrate Review: Blue Dream Wax by Om Extracts

Hello there PNW followers. I'm back with another concentrate review for our wonderful fans! We visited a new shop in our hometown of Eugene, Oregon and came across a concentrate company we hadn't heard of before, Om Extracts. Today we're reviewing the Om Extracts Blue Dream wax! As you probably know by

Product Review: Greenlight Vapes G9 Classic Mini Enail

Hows it going PNW fans! Thanks for joining us for another review. We were VERY excited to be able to test out the G9 Classic Mini E-nail from Greenlight Vapes, an enail and dabbing accessory company out of Hong Kong. Taken from their website: "G9 Classic Mini Enail is a revolutionary device for

Concentrate Review: Power Kush Shatter by Jolly Bee Extracts

How's it goin PNW readers! Thanks for joining us  for another of our concentrate reviews. We've been dabbing some Power Kush from Jolly Bee Extracts, an extract company providing medical marijuana concentrates to patients in Oregon. They have a unique packaging that makes their dabs look like honey bees and you've already