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“Atmos Transporter” – (Product Review)


Atmos Transporter – ( – Use code “ATMSOC20” for 20% off!

I finally got a dry herb vaporizer to review on the show!! So for it’s price point, this is a great vaporizer for those who are looking to break into the vaporizer market! It’s definitely got a couple things that can be improved, but overall it’s a quite functional product!!!

I give it a [4.1/7]

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  • if i buy this online where "herb" isnt legal are the feds gomna be on my ass

  • The cloud v phantom is really good I have it and it's Amazing

  • I've been using this product for around a year. i'm generally happy with it but i can never ever get that amount of vape on the video. it's so vague that i even thought that i was doing something wrong, but it's quite straightforward. also the high is clean and nice but it's not very strong at all. what do you think of the vape amount and how do you get the best out of it? cheers!

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  • pax review plz

  • Not the most un-enjoyable. Lol put that quote on the package.

  • Hello Josh! bew subscriber, big fan. would you do a review on the pax 2 its my piece of choice in public and i wondered what you would think of it

  • the pax2!!!

  • 120$…..

  • Just buy a magnifying glass. That's the best vaporizer you can get. YouTube solar puffing

  • Can this be used with bubble hash, which is a quite crumbly consistency?

  • yo Josh you should make a video saying what you do with all your vaped tree

  • Can someone recommend a decent dab pen? looking for one currently so I'd prefer any suggestions

  • i personally disagree i think vaping goes straight to my head with little to no body high. to some its a perfect "functional" high but for me overall vaping gives me added anxiety but everyone's effected differently so to each their own

  • ctf c lmfao thats sick

  • hey Josh, currently smoking on some flavRx brand CO2 OIL preload gram ecig cartridges and some co2 oil in a budtouch with co2 fruit extracted flavors from Michigan, could you do a review on FlavRx?!

  • Saw you got the boundless cfx mailed to you…. Heard good things man. Check it out sometime soon?

  • I see you're repping that cancer CTFxC shirt!

  • Suck hard on the unit… Lol!!!!

  • Can you put keef into the vape?