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“Atman Starlight” – (Product Review)


So I finally got sent over one of these Atman Starlight’s to do a review on! For a handheld oil/herb vaporizer & at it’s pricepoint, it’s quite functional!

Overall I give it a [4.9/7]

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  • Alguien me puede decir un resumen de lo que dijo, no se inglés 🙁 saludos

  • does this Vape get you high or atleast buzzed ?

  • @7:10 you're talking about plastic distorting the flavor. I actually read an article about plastic vs metal silverware and the study showed that the metal silverware distorted the flavor of the food while the plastic silverware didn't. I'm wondering if it could actually be the glass that distorts the flavor.

  • just got the atman starlight, awesome product. Did you know, if you take the mouthpiece off and blow through it, it makes a great whistle?! WOW!

  • Bruh the mouthpiece was on backwards the whole time

  • CAN YOU PLEASE SHOW LOADING THE DEVICE ON ALL REVIEWS .ITS KINDA IIMPORTNAT did you say it can do dabs??how?? review? love your stuff

  • Best portable herb vaporizer? Don't need top of the line, just best bang for your buck

  • I just got your sticker in the mail! i was so excited while opening it. i love it. Your one of my favorite youtuber. Come out with more murch! lover you stuff. stay positive.

  • Atman Starlight, design for both dry herb and wax. Magnet mouthpiece and filter. The first removable stainless steel heating chamber, very easy to clean and use. With 4 level temperature control, and the first personal customization services.

  • One habit to get used to is plugging in the vaporizer at night when you plug in your cell phone. Anymore, it's just something I do without really thinking about it. The Flowermate Mini I have doesn't need to be charged after a day's use, but having it fully charged at the start of my day makes for quicker heat-up times, better vapor production, and no worries about when it might run out of juice. Once night time rolls around, I'm using my Enail anyway, so charging the vape as part of my subconscious routine makes things so much easier for me.

  • dude… i fucking love your videos

  • At 9:28 in the video. I know but working is so hard so I'll just stay mad like most people lol

  • arizer solo is the best hand held hands down. you should check it out.

  • This is the first time I've seen strain central while I was high and I hear him talking about mr krabs and shit

  • out of all of the products that you have reviewed, what are your favorite current dab pens and flower vaporizers or your go to for mobile dab and flower vape?

  • What's your current favorite handheld vape?

  • that's cool

  • Cool

  • Try focus vape its amazing

  • "All I do have to have"?? 8:58