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“Atman OWAR” – (Product Review)


So I partnered with the guys over at Atman to do a review on their wax vaporizer called the “OWAR”. It’s an affordable & extremely portable wax vape that is ready to use out of the box! One of the better cost effective options on the market.

Overall I give it a solid [5.6/7]

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MAILING ADDRESS for pictures, letters, and packages
2602 S. 38th St. PMB#138
Tacoma, WA 98409


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  • That pen makes for some nice clouds. Impressive for such a small vape pen at that price point. I've been debating between the Linx Hypnos Zero and Source Orb 4… now I might throw this one in there too. Does anybody with experience have a good suggestion for Concentrate pens?

  • your beard looks like an ass and a chode no offense. I am a fan, cheers my Shaggy-looking stonertuber host

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  • that thing hit ya like a beast! lol

  • josh were worried about you, you are falling apart brother. your face is breaking out your feet are falling off and you got a bandaid on your arm. I'm assuming it's all from your new drug addiction to Crack. please just come honest in a video man we need you for years to come

  • @StrainCentral Hey josh! if weed is legal where you live and you are of age you are allowed to smoke on stream on twitch now! one of my favorite streamers named JoshOG has been doing smoking streams because it is allowed now! Will you be smoking on stream now? He recommended to contact twitch to make sure it is okay, thats what he did.

  • hey i watched your video about making wax with a hair straightener yesterday and noticed you have the same one as me so i was wondering if you could tell me what setting you put yours on so i can do it

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  • Hey look it's the yocan evolve plus… wait, it's just a knockoff.

  • are you tripping there's no horns in the background I can't hear them the only reason I know that they're there is cuz you keep pointing them out LOL so if you want to point them out no one would have known