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Asian Fantasy On The Water

Gil reviews the rare and mysterious Asian Fantasy strain found at Holistic Therapeutic Center in Valley Village, CA.


  • Since when is Asain Fantasy an indica dominate? Last time I checked it was a sativa dominant.

  • i am your asian fantasy
    the epitome of "perspicacity "
    leave you speechless with sensuality

  • 1:25 i saw a seed in one of the close ups
    , in the right/middle of the screen

  • that dude looks like he has to take a shit! hahahaha

  • Im a new subscriber and am thoroughly enjoying the channel. Learning alot about the different strains avaliable. Wasnt even aware that it was possible to cross sativa and indica strains. Very interesting.

  • Hahaha 42 likes, 0 dislikes!

  • damn that looks like fun just floating out there on that boat getting baked.

  • YOU BETTER GET CHUBBS ON THE NEXT SMOKE ON THE WATER ! He'll show you boys how to rip a bowl. For real. 

  • MCM

    HTC looks like he got his recommendation for some sorta psycotic disorder… looks hells nervous about that camera being there lol… seriously no hate tho hes a cool dude


  • @cky94066 Lol!!

  • @cky94066 He's the one who looks remotely normal. The other guys have fucking long ass hair and the chicks are nasty as hell

  • lol they're all cold and then there's gil just chillin with no sleeves

  • @HaveFunSpectatin making his own videos

  • what a funny crew lol

  • htc dude barely moves his lips when he talks

  • @HaveFunSpectatin chubbs is wak. he dont deserve to come out in nugporn.

  • the H.T.C dude looks like a crackhead

  • love the group toke. brings a tear to my eye

  • what the fuck is good with the music…