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I always hear stories of people passing out from giant knife hits, so I thought i’d go ahead and address the topic this afternoon, are knife hits really safe?

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  • fuck this guy.. Crutch420 is where its at.

  • Hit a GB next episode

  • That funhaus shirt tho!

  • there's no science behind hot knives being bad for you soooo clickbait??? indeed

  • lol I have custom glass knives for that

  • is it me or is this guy the stoner Clayton Kershaw

  • lol just jake has got a good point! this is why jolie olie rocks it. not even a hot knife hoot. new age pot smokers are pussies. josh is like "these metals are potentially cancer causing." like who gives a fuck. you see the resin on joints and bongs when you smoke em? smoking drugs doesn't cure cancer.

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  • Love the shirt bro.

  • Just use stainless steal knives….

  • Never seen anyone use bud on a nail.

  • Haircut's lookin fresh

  • Is that a funhaus shirt?

  • They need to make a real hotknife made for weed, made out of quartz or somethin lol

  • I think your correct about the unwanted ? you do inhale but the reason they pass out is because that shits just straight harsh. if you must knife hit, season season season that thing.

  • Shout out to FunHaus

  • 707killabho takes Nug dabs all the times. You don't need that weird double piece system. Just get it red hot and crush the Nug into the banger with a poker.

  • All this is waaaayyyyyy too hard, I just roll a joint and smoke it lmao

  • would to see a review on the atmos kiln

  • are stainless steel pipes safe?