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Are Dangerous Plant Growth Regulators In Your Weed? Take a closer look at the medical health risks of consuming cannabis that is supplement with plant growth regulators.


  • Basically all they're actually talking about, pertinent to their discussion, is Paclobutrazol, yet they use broad strokes across the entire world of PGR's as if they've all been banned for decades and the stuff is pure poison. The fact is all, I repeat ALL plants are full off them, and all, I repeat ALL (okay maybe only 97% of) store bought produce has been treated with them (quite possibly post-harvest). If you've ever eaten broccoli then you've eaten 'fresh' 6BA (post-harvest dunking the heads into 6BA aka BAP solution to keep them crisp on the shelves is industry standard). You like seedless grapes? Guess what, the grape bunches, all of them, are sprayed with GA3 + CPPU to make them that way. The list goes on and on with any of at least a dozen cross-industry standard PGR's, that is, they each tend to have various although sometimes specific food plant industrial uses. From there plants all have various chemical analogs of the various synthetic chems industry has adopted, and in this context few outside of the various natural substances industry has likewise adopted have had much in-depth studies in terms of these isolates against human health. This video is akin to irrational emotional ORGANIC FOOD OR DIE propaganda on a several levels; the sorts that pay no thought towards the realities that plants are already loaded with pesticides (such as caffeine); that all chems break down naturally meaning if they're used within proper guidelines on proper crops there's little threat (especially considering that antioxidants tend to take care of actual toxins for us). Where organic food industry propaganda completely fails to mention that the real human health problems are primarily related to processed foods (where pesticides & GMO's surely make them even less par), this video's premise would have us believe that plants aren't already full of PGR's naturally, at every stage in every part (even when the fruits are rotting). THis kind of reminds me of how the EPA has classified virtually all PGR's as "pesticides", despite the fact only a handful of special class hormones (Brassinosteroids, Salicylic Acid, Nitrophenolates) do trigger plants to produce their own natural pesticides to deal with their pests via their own natural means.

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  • Bascily if your growing cannabis and you buy a product that claims to slow or stop vertical growth in flower, than it's a PGR, if you call the company they will lie, but the fact is that nothing in a bottle is going to slow or stop the horizontal growth but PGR's. If you grow hydro and use this shit, YOU ARE MORALLY DEFICIENT, AND YOU SUCK AT LIFE.

  • Although it is illegal to put PGR's in short crop plants (like cannabis), it is completely unregulated! If your using "Humboldt's Own" products, your getting MASSIVE PGR doses. If you smoking random non-medial marijuana, not only is it extremely unlikely to be free of sythetic desticides, but also PGR's.

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  • you can just use some alfalfa meal, it's organic and contains triacontanol, a natural non-chemical growth regulator. just make some tea out of it and you're good. add it to compost/guano/worm tea brew for better results. hope this helps alot.

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