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If you are interested in picking up your own carb cap, you can get one on sale for 10% off using the code “StrainCentral” at -

I can honestly say that a carb cap has completely changed my dabbing experience for the better!!


  • It's amazing to see how much Josh has changed and grown since he started. To see him grow in subscribers, as well as physically and intellectually, is truly inspirational. Keep up the great work Josh! And stay high.

  • have you used the nails with built in caps? how do they work

  • damn I want that exact piece right now lol where can i get it online

  • Thanks for talking the time to teach us. Well done! Lenny-

  • can 16mm carb cap fit on a 14mm nail???

  • Everyone please, like, share subscribe, this guy puts a lot of hard work into his videos.

    Hey man, my names Ryan, I'm in my mid 20s, from Canada, and Im a medical marijuana patient under bill c51. I wish I lived in Vancouver but I live on the East coast of Canada. Before I started using medical marijuana, I was on 5-6 different medications, valiums, xanaxes, anti depression pills, bllood pressure, I suffer from General anxiety disorder. and extreme insomnia, as well as pain in my lower back due to a car accident.
    I wanted to first thank you for your amazing channel. Your very educative, informative, and your not just your typical stoner. You, customgrow420, and hailey are my favorite weedtubers lol.
    Anyways, I doubt you'll even have enough time to respond to this message, but what I would LOVE to see, as well as a lot of your other subscribers, is like, dabbing:101, the basics. or intro to dabbing, for newbies. Basically quickly explaining what a dab rig is, how its different then a bong, what a titanium nail is ,, or glass, what to use, what supplies are a you going to need, suggestions on torches, info,
    I love all your reviews on the craziest weed in the world and stuff, but some of us ,, even though im a medical marijuana patient, i have to choose 1 of 10 "licensed producers", and if i don't like them, i cant switch. so it sucks, right now, were only allowed "dried bud"
    But oil is coming and our new Prime Minister promised legalization. Well see. Anyways ya, us newbies dont even know where to start. Can we even buy full kits? theres so many different types, male female, arm, ect ect , why are dab rigs like 100$? thanks so much bro! im getting those cannabanoids deep into my system lol

  • Sick

  • Does this cap work with domed and domeless

  • Best video answering this question I could find…thanks for the clear info, you helped me address something about dabbing I have been trying to for a while (the nail cooling off and it pooling and slowly smoking), and explained it intuitively, what more could this video have offered me? nothing.

  • Try heating it up until it is bright red then wait about 20 seconds before u take your dab. It might get rid of your bad taste problem

  • when you said cheers, is that because you meant to say it more than once, or was it a studder? cannabis helps so much! cheers

  • You're so fuckin funny man? good videos 

  • Why would you make a video like this.I'm not hating but people who don't know what a tool like a carb cap would be an essential they shouldn't be dabbing and they surely aren't a "dabber" lmao good video had to subscribe though first time seeing a video from you're channel! ????

  • I've been low temp dabbing rosin. The flavor… Words can't express!!!

  • Thanks, That was exactly what I wanted to know. I believe thew carb cap is helping to create a small vacuum thus allowing vaporization at lower temps. I have to have one now.

  • Dude reggae rules!

  • First vid i ever watched from your channel and i actually finished it. Great job..haha and definitely key points on why i use a carb cap aswell.. seen to many fingers burned in my daze

  • had the same exact piece till the ops took it </3

  • Whenever I use my carb cap the smoke never milks up like I see others do. Is it cause my nail has a downward slope in the middle or something else?

  • So it makes a domeless not domeless?