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Are Blunts Stronger Than Joints?? – (Weed Myths #4)


So I thought i’d address a question i’ve been asked quite a bit now! Also thought i’d weigh my thoughts in on blunts & how they interact with your body & endo-cannabinoid system!

Nicotine & Endo-cannabinoid mice studies:
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  • I had no idea blunts were made out of tobacco leaves. How frustrating! I don't wish to ever consume tobacco products but I have been smoking blunts a lot recently. Thank you for shedding some light on this! I need to perfect joint rolling techniques asap! lol Cheers and blessed be!

  • Speaking of English, it's "AN ashtray"…not "A ashtray"…LOL

  • you don't smoke blunts because you're a pussy

  • if you don't actually smoke tobacco or drink a beer with your weed, how can you say you don't het higher? if you get more euphoria, you are higher, right?
    and nicotine in and of itself does NOT cause cancer, its the carcinogens produced in cigarettes and chewing tobacco

  • Lol.. People smoke blunts, but don't know they're made from tobacco..? Who r these guys.

  • i got a great weed mythbuster video for you to shoot. big joints vs. pinner joints. it is my belief that rolling and smoking a joint in a 1.0 zigzag with .4 or half gram of cannabis at the most compared to a 1 gram or more bomber joint taste better. the pinner joint taste green all the way thru where as the bomber taste like ash or burnt herb way before the end of the joint. why is this? maybe because a bigger cherry produces more heat which produces more smoke ? pinners taste better and use less herb and get u just as high

  • Yo Josh, how long did it take you to grow that beautiful beard? [8]

  • wish my dud would hurry the fuck up

  • Most don't know this but.. people who smoke purely blunts [don't] know that there addicted to the tobacco consumption, unaware that there addicted to the additional lightheaded feeling with the weed.. BTW the light headed feeling added from the blunts + weed causes an addiction to tobacco…. like 96% of people i know & have meet that smoke blunts or backwoods end up smoking cigarettes i.e Tobacco …. people i know & meet who smoke joints don't usually smoke cigarettes and they don't usually have an urge nor a need to smoke weed as much as people who are addicted to tobacco blunts…. kind of a thinker… still wouldn't get threw the brick wall minds of people who suck tobacco blunts.

  • Trust me or try it,if you don't normally smoke cigarettes and after you smoke some weed you try a couple hits I promise 75% of the time it will wreck you in a great shooting way.aka blunts have tobacco,so much that one of my buddies quit weed but needed nicotine patches after realising he was a nicotine yeah usually blunts are the stronger high,but they also stay lit long and usually have more room for weed and have better flavor to some.

  • Short term nicotine use?

  • I thought he had said nigateen

  • Thanks that really helped!

  • Tobacco may or may not be used in the rolling process < Wikipedia/joint.

    Also, do some research on "potentiating".

  • +StrainCentral Josh, bro, you're so chill and your videos help so many people. Keep up the good work and burn one down for me. :)

  • I'm still eager to un-gut Dutch Masters and like Nas said: "(…)every morning I go out and love it sort of chilly, then I send a shorty from my block to the store for Phillies. After being blessed by the herbs essence, I'm back to my rest, 10 minutes, some odd seconds".

    Smoke culture.

  • One does not simply roll a Blount and not smoke it

  • Pussy doesn't even smoke blunts

  • 5:59 actually idk if its just me but I'm pretty sure you can fit more in a joint than a blunt. unless your using the blunt wraps which are more unhealthy.

  • joints…