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Aqua Lab Technologies Glass Show Case Take a tour of all the ridiculously heady, scientific, and other name brand glass ware at Aqua Lab Technologies


  • AquaLab has the best shit where i got my bong

  • Move to Colorado and grow 6 plants

  • got my syn at ALT
    check out my channel
    stay high

  • our area actually had some pretty good size quakes recently every thing still looks good last weekened when i was in AL lol

  • I'll go with the bam lol

  • I'll go with the game lol try listening to something not fake like that nigga asap rocky .

  • Haters gonna hate…. taylor gang or smoke mexican bammer

  • I know I love glass I watch this video and I know every piece and artist without looking at the text lol

  • . im getting a bong man

  • Thought the whole vid was great cept for fucking wiz khalifa:/

  • paradise

  • @forgotmyusername28 thanks brohan

  • what song is this?

  • we ain't trippin' cuz we'll get there in a minute

  • @Strikeyourface ahaha no joke


  • @Strikeyourface No it wouldn't, it would be great. Their insurance would buy their whole inventory.

  • @dezireGOTHIGH not that funny but what ever strikes your fancy. ha

  • @breakerrythangallday haha i know right. They need to head over to CPA!