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  • I don't use twitter. But how about the different herbal substitutes that can be used instead of tobacco?

  • Josh what's your favorite bong in your collection? And what's your current stats on Pokeman go?

  • That thumbnail ?

  • Aye smokey contraband!

  • I want Josh to review those corn husk wraps.. those T. ras wraps or something similar. that'd be dope. Thanks

  • Can you review high hemp organic wraps? You can buy them at http://www.highhempwraps.comIt's a blunt wrap made from 100% organic hemp!Thanks!

  • last 2 times I smoked I threw up, idk what's wrong with me, but everytime I roll my doobies I throw up whereas when I smoke joints rolled by anyone else I don't, can anyone help?

  • NICE!

  • Yesturday I got a new buster it's so nice

  • Do you do anything but smoke?

  • josh what would happen if carb your bong or atleast take away some of the oxegen if you get what i mean

  • Smokin some s,l,h herbs with ya

  • why don't you ever address questions asked on this channel. not everyone wants to do twitter. Isn't this where you made your bones? Just saying Josh.

  • question you have a girlfriend?

  • get a haircut

  • whats a got planed for 500

  • yo congrads bro. almost 400

  • Aye Josh I don't have a twitter but I got a Question…
    what is the best/fastest way to clean THC out of your body to pass a urine drug test???? #SCQNA

  • Big Announcement !: Today I allow you folks to pay me money while I play video games and talk and nothing….yay!

  • I, frankly, don't even know what to say about the obvious product placement.