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“Animal Cookies” – (Strain Review)


Animal Cookies is a cross between (Girl Scout Cookies x Fire OG) that provides you with a very euphoric, mood-boosting, calming effect that is almost sedating in larger doses. It tastes and smells almost like grassy sugar cookies and is great for Depression, Headaches, Appetite Issues, and Insomnia.

Overall I give this strain a solid [6.4]

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  • Is crutch your brother?

  • I got the seeds of this from bc bud depo

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  • i totally agree with the control over your own life, i can really relate to the message you're trying to convey. love the vid man. -shel

  • Pause at 4:32

  • 8:17 haha I see you try to put that hemp wick out real smooth like.

  • Did you test the crappy BC Bud Depot version or the real California Bay Area clone only Animal Cookies ( Girl Scout Cookies x Fire OG )? Also all of the real GSC strains hit 20-30% THC.

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  • I turned 21 on may 2nd. That's wassup! Vegas

  • just enjoyed this strain yesterday 🙂 quite possibly one of my new favorites!

  • Nic


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  • I call my bong Truth….couse bitches cant handle the Truth

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