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Amsterdam: G-13 Strain Review

Gil sits down with Jay from The Clinic all the way in Amsterdam. Trying some of their G-13…


  • LMAO@ 2:45 ! That is a joke right?

  • @Colorado Bulldog Grower He didn't say G13 Haze was Indica based, he said G13 is basically an Indica.

  • i loved it when jay toke a tiny rip, and gil took a big as hit and showed him up.

  • check out barneys farms website on g-13 haze if you dont believe me

  • Your buddy doesnt know his strains. G-13 Haze isnt an indica based strain. Its a 80/20 Sativa dominant. On another note Amnesia Coffee shop is a horrible coffeeshop. Even though they sell Barneys Farm strains the quality is not even close to Barneys, Grey Area, DeDampkring, or Voyagers. Go to Barneys and get some Pineapple chunk 25% thc no lie, we tested it ;)

  • Do u even no how to rip a bong? Don't try to tell us about the taste no smoke even got close to ur mouth.

  • @jell0d0ng

  • Dont have to go to Amsterdam, Colorado High!!

  • Yeah look whos legal now Colorado Bitch. Now whos showing up who? whooop whoop Colorado!

  • 2:47 Where's the smoke lmfao he was probably too scared to take a big rip.

  • did the mist even reach his lips?

  • Pussy hit … shit review … k thnx bye

  • What a fuckin pussy hit.

  • u call that a hit lol

  • That's a popular urban myth, and the movie "American Beauty" really perpetuated it. I'm smoking some G-13 right now, I find this strain to be a good wake-up bud and also helps with pain more than most wake-uppers tend to (With me, anyway, generally it's the more "sleepy" buds that help with pain, higher CBD content from what I understand, which is like a 1st year cannbinergy student, so not much :P). PS: Cannbinergy is a real science, the study of the endocannbinoid system in humans and cannabis

  • gil tears Jay's shit up

  • @DrSecretX its a sativa

  • isnt this one of the most potent weed, made by the US government awhile ago?

  • besides ur ugly,guy with glasses.

  • haha right,im from Amsterdam!!
    Seems u never smoked SSH,Chesse or some good stufff…
    Saying bad thins about my town…go to hell guys!We have best weed on planet!
    stop thinking u have the best weed….YOU DONT!
    You just fall on bad dealers this time….