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AMAZE “WOW” + “SANCAI” + “WAXBONE” – (Product Review)


So “ALD AMAZE” sent over a handful of their different vaporizers over for me to try out and provide my opinion on/review! All of these are used for different consistencies of cannabis/herbal supplements and all have different functions!

Overall I give the entire “Amaze” line a solid [5.3/7]

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  • can you make a video that ranks wax pens?

  • Dax

    do u even vape bro?

  • You mother fucker. First you make me buy the Linx and now this vape showcase?! SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEYS!!!

  • Vaporizers are not about "clouds". It shouldn't even be a category to judge them by.

  • here is the purchase link"

  • To blow good O's, don't jerk your head, and just cough in various pressures to get the o everytime. Do t move your tongue or jaw.

  • Try to get your hands on a pax plum for a review, I'm kinda on the fence about getting one again. My last one was stolen with my bud when I fell asleep on the train.

  • What kind of grinder is that?

  • Hey Josh! Which do you think would be better to buy, the Wow or the V5.0s from Flowermate?

  • Can you review the Quickdraw 500 dlx?

  • Josh when you blow O's just cough a little bit in the bottom of your throat

  • Josh discreetly did a drop test on two of them too @ 0:26 and 9:39 lol

  • I'm looking into Herb Vapes to start making edibles does anyone have suggestions? The most I would be looking to spend would be in the $100-$150 range. Thanks!

  • Here is the purchase link, welcome to check out our online store:)

  • That mouthpeice isn't Delrin on the wax pen?

  • can you review the sub herb attachment for vapes?

  • Hey Josh write down to do a review on G Pens please

  • Please do a review on the Hebe Titan II portable herb vaporizer… I use mine all the time and I love it but a lot of the internet doesn't like it… I'm just curious as to what you think about it.

  • great review, good close ups in sync with the explanation

  • keep up the great work josh thanks for the positive vibes cheers