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Alternative Solutions Patient Care Dispensary Tour Take a tour of the Alternative Solutions Patient Care dispensary in Highland, California!


  •  She is in fact the owner and very successful. Her and her husband have been together a long time. You can call her fat, but I can guarantee she will is laughing her way to the bank. Her and her husband are successful and kind people. They never treated me unkindly. I am honored to have known them. They gave me a job when I needed one and I learned so much from them about business, life lessons, and more. You have to be a "volunteer", because that's how the system works. Get over yourselves. If you ever came in, I use to the the 'window girl' who greeted you. I loved all my patients there and I miss that job very much. Best job I ever had. Much love to you all if you are reading this.

  • Every strain is right for my condition.

  • This is where fat people go to get weed. Im goin.

  • Ya that was a fun job

  • yeah they are gone… know more aspc such a sad day

  • I worked at ASPC. Are they shut down for good now?

  • I worked here.

  • ASPC is know more this spot is shut down as of 10/29/12 o such a bad day… they up aspc

  • The prices have lowered since this video was made, $12 a gram $40 for 4 grams, 2 for $20 all top shelf prices

  • Love this place

  • 10 dollars a gram or suck my dick

  • @HipHopRally come move to San diego,we can smoke out.

  • @tigerslim760

    Damn….. I envy you man….. Wish I even knew the name of the shit I was smoking. I wouldn't even be able to contain myself lol

  • @HipHopRally lol its like a candy store man. i got ym self some skywalker OG and grapefruit Train wreck my last go. i will be geting some blue dog and some cookies and candys my next trip.

  • @RobZiak For all my NJ people Gov. Christie has reversed his stance will will be going forward with the dispensaries, so I take back what I said…

  • @HipHopRally learn to grow your own, you will have better DANK than the shops.

  • Question to all of those who live in Medical states….. How do you decide what you want when you walk in to a dispensary??? …. It all looks soooo dank.

  • If you lost some weght you would be hot

  • WOW! "Charlie Sheen" = Cannabis? lol Thanks for posting! 😉

  • Stop showing us volunteers. Show us the real employee's. Also fuck naming anything after a crack head. Still this seems like a great place (except fuck shopping for my medicine next to a liquor store.). Also its illegal to sell bongs in dispensaries in California…but I am sure all of these "non profit" business's know that.