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Alternative Medical Source Dispensary Tour Take a tour of Alternative Medical Source in Sacramento, CA!


  • Mmm medicated pizza

  • This is an amazing way to run a business.

  • i guess he does volunteer…lol who wouldnt

  • I wouldn't buy sprayed up buds fuck that.

  • the smile 2:15 XD

  • good god liquid hash being sprayed back on the buds? ever heard of mold?

  • 1:02 looks baked

  • hash soaked bud? im buying a ticket to cali

  • :**(

  • anyone else notice that piece of hair on the revolving footage of the mr nice guy bud,i think it would have been much nicer guy if youd removed the hair trust me..peace.

  • I like the whole "spin the wheel" concept. lol Free stuff is the shit!

  • Because its Medication to alot of people?


  • those suckers are fire i should of just ate half of it

  • Check out my smoke vid guys!

  • I have weed envy. Please come to Maine medical marijuana.

  • AL

    ok man lol we all know your right but knocking someones teeth out for disagreeing dosn't make stoners look good. stoners should be peacful, not angry.

  • song?

  • Lol my frined is brazilian and she went back to visit . she showed me a picture of the weed over there. terrifying. lmaoo looks look a little block