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Alternative Medical Center Dispensary Tour Take a tour of Alternative Medical Center’s dispensary in Sacramento, CA!


  • Ha ha hey guys check out our weed grower's paradise out here in Cali we got a hot one for you please share this music video with your 420 friends…on YouTube search "GROWING DANK IN CALI". ///With much love&Respect for Notorious B.I.G. "Going BACK to Cali".. we had to respond, becuz, Big, we LIVE out here!!! –the Good Ol' Boyz

  • good god they got grand daddy purp , sour , white strains like white rhino every kush in the world

  • Clones look shitty,

  • Most of these budtenders are also pecker puffers.

  • pot pizza

  • I played my Common CD after watching this.

  • fuck u. cpa is over priced bullshit no diff than any other clinic with high quality bud

  • oh my god this is like porn

  • @MrPartytime19 your a rookie son. if there is good enough air flow the smoke wont do anything to plants. and i dont know about you but i could hear the fans running, that means the air circulation is good

  • This was a great place. Too bad they struck out with the DEA and is now shutdown.

  • …the ancient Egyptian theme, the hella fine babes who work there, they're my connection!
    Now, if y'all could stock something without chlorophyll…ya know….like the spicy, tasty gold & red cured smoke from Central & South Americas…& bring back the hand rubbed hash…& let's find an organic chemist -phD grade- to make the real "honey oil"…
    I still trip on being able to legally smoke, some of us waited a long time for this!

  • @flipracer92 almost every dispensary ive been to has a hot girl working in it

  • this is where i bought my first wicked butter andn1st gram of green ribbon

  • you guys suck . nothing on CPA!!!!

  • I have got to get the fuck out of FUCKING MARYLAND!!!!!!

  • I'm on my way Gloria

  • @ravenshield56 you couldnt even finish it?


  • Good eye on seeing that hair..

  • Anyone see the hair at 0:47? Nasty..