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“Alien Orange Cookies” – (Strain Review)


Alien Orange Cookies is a cross between (Alien Technology x Orange Cookies) that will leave you with an extremely euphoric, very cerebral, slightly racy high, while the flavor almost resembles an earthy orange creamsicle.

This is a great strain for Depression, Stress, and some G.I. conditions. Overall I give this a [4.8/7]

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  • have you ever thought about doing a strain review on alien technology?

  • Does anyone else watch these cuz of his general good vibes?

  • this had a weird taste, not a favorite for me

  • Please do Lambsbread!

  • I normally wait until the end of the video to like it, but that THOTs meme was too funny.

  • had u ever thot of doing a review on fruity pebbels?

  • I love your editing style

  • josh why do you always assume that marijuana is only medicinal when it's used for physical problems. A lot of medical marijuana users use it because of mental issues they have. IMO you seem very dismissive of depression, stress, and anxiety being a reason to use medical marijuana. Medical problems include mental and physical issues. Other than that your content is dope and I look forward to your videos.

  • Aye y dnt u do a strain review on northern lights/aurora indica

  • U talk way to much

  • //

  • Looks tasty

  • ur so into the strain genetics when all names are bullshit u tell me how u come.up with name lol no strain name is true it's made uplol

  • got a half of some gh alien orange cookies for 80 yesterday. my batch has a weird chemical smell to it and is spicy/citrus on the exhale. got me on some good vibes.

  • Shoutout east bay area just finished the rest of my Superjack and Jack The Ripper

  • I love your shirt. Rep the vapenashe

  • I fucking died when he talked about laying in bed getting flashback of your fourth birthday party

  • Shoutout Franchise Genetics

  • you fuckin get payed to smoke weed on the internet. I fuckin need THAT in my life.