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“Alien Dawg” (Concentrate Review)


Today i’m reviewing some “Alien Dawg” shatter ran by @farmerjoeparker. Alien Dawg is a cross between (Chem Dawg x Alien Technology) and tastes like a sour earthy candy. The high is Indica dominant and would be great for Insomnia, Pain Relief, Stress, Anxiety, ADD/ADHD, Muscle Spasms, Nausea, and Migraines. Overall I give it a [6.5/7]


  • For a long time I was buying plastic containers. Eventually, when I had about 50 saved up, I Iso washed each container and came away with almost 3 grams after cookin out the iso. Love that wax paper, only thing better is a silicon container.

  • %??

  • Mmm looks so good

  • its beautiful!!

  • Wow, Alien Dawg looks beautiful. 

  • I know your pain as the prep chef man, had the job for 2 months then quit :s

  • Tried dabs for the 1st time on I think Fridaybut it didn't really hit me. I know how to smoke and everything too cuz I smoke bud a few timea a week so it was weird. I was extremely baked at the time though lol!

  • Some fire shatter homie!! Clarity is real! Ha happy dabbing, Cheers from MA- ?✌️ 

  • Damn! Shit looks fire bro, looks exactly like live resin! Bet it was good..

  • You are still in school? How old are you buddy

  • Totally agree on parchment paper. Good video and that shatter looks fire

  • Fire! I love ailen dawg flower I can imagine some good oil would be awesome. 

  • God damn brother! All these new subs man, so happy for you :D… Keep it real and stay medicated. I might upload a few vids in a while. :'D Keeping my fingers crossed for that give away.

  • Dope upload!

  • Dude your awsome keep it up

  • agree with the parchment! 

  • totally agree about the little containers that are impossible to get all the meds out of.  

  • Wish I was there!!! Cheers!!!

  • Looks great     Cheers