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ALCC: Coma OG Strain Review Gil and WilliamBreathes smoke on some Coma OG flowers during an awesome session in an organic indoor grow room!


  • Sup with the bandana?

  • I bought a quarter of this strain and let me tell u, it's some of the best bud I've ever tried. Defiantly my favorite. It smells a lot like og platnium

  • Blazin Denver

  • ALCC is the shit love the oz specials they got

  • Unfortunately to me it's only digital; I would love to get my hands on these strains!. Yummie!.

  • looks like heaven to me.

  • slightlyyyy stoopidd

  • I love how Will forgot his name there for a second at the end

  • i luv your job:) u need an employer?

  • Keep up the good work, folks! Love your channel! Wish I could be there to taste with you!