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“AK-47” (Strain Review)


So today I decided to do a quick strain review of AK-47 as well as do a nice 3 Piece Combo. The bud I picked up could have been trimmed a bit better but as I say in the video it was homegrown so not really trimmed for sale like dispensary buds would be.

AK-47 is a legendary cross between (Colombian x Mexican x Thai x Afghani) landrace strains. It is a very heady high that will make you feel uplifted for the first hour or so of the high. Towards the end of the high I always find myself heading for the couch to relax and watch a good movie. Overall a wonderful daytime strain that would be great for anyone suffering from Depression or Stress. Also great for those that just want to relax and unwind. Doesn’t provide the best pain relief but it gets your head off of your pain. As I said earlier I give it overall a [5.3/7]

P.S. I also said “guys” 14 times throughout this video.. Hahaha

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  • Did he say 5 grams for 20

  • Can you do a review on Critical Kush? It's a very dominant indica strain, made from Critical Mass and OG Kush.

  • Ham

    5gs for 20 bucks? Holy shit. I gotta pay like 75 bucks here for that.

  • cherry ak47 so good

  • About to try skunk 47. I hope it's good.

  • i know this video is a couple years old but i just got my hands on some bomb ak-47 for the first time from tweed! thanks for the review, can't wait to try it when I'm off work!

  • dickhead


  • ALMOST 200,000 views

  • you should try grape kush and lemon haze together it is the best high I ever had

  • To fluffy. I like more compressed.

  • Colombian, Mexican, Thai, Afghani.

  • ireland is worst to get bud :(

  • Purp

  • Fuck, i wanna smooke it so bad :P

  • i went to gregs and got 2.6 grams of hydro for $50 they wer desent sized buds

  • so ur doing a strain review and u dont know and dont care about the genetics of this plant?
    and u think its 20% indica?

    u suck

  • Song name please ? TY .)

  • Yhu should do a video where yhu smoke or review 5 different strains