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“Afgoo” (Concentrate Review)


Today I’m reviewing “Afgoo” by Fweedom Concentrates. Afgoo is a cross between an Afghani mother plant and a Haze (Maui). The effects are VERY sedating and medicating. It will leave you with a very calm, creative, and relaxed mind.

Would be a great strain for those suffering from: Pain, Anxiety, Stress, Nausea, Headaches, Insomnia, and Appetite Problems.

Overall I give this strain a [6.4/7]

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  • Oh my beardless josh XD

  • concentrate reviews ftw, you should do one a week man! That afgoo is gorgeous

  • I'm trying to grab a 1/2 of the Goo from my caregiver because I'm thinking it will help calm my nerves that are ravaged by Lyme. I know Afgoo isn't the same but they sound very similar. You described the effects I'm looking for.

  • Make another video. Don't leave us hanging 

  • Nice, i'm smoking Afgoo right now. Great rosin return and I let my buddy make the rest in to qwiso and it shatters at low room temp. But ewwww any solvent besides water haha

  • Why do you prefer BHO over non solvent hashes? Would like to see more flower or fullmelt reviews.

  • Nice vid josh glad to see you relaxed. Cheers !

  • Enjoy the Washington State MM Dispensaries while you can cause Starting next summer, medical marijuana dispensaries will no longer exist in WA state.

  • cheers josh keep the great vids up

  • Looks bomb man! Thanks for the positive vibes you always put out!

  • Im in hospital right now because i broke my freaking leg and they give me tons of painkillers, yes they kinda work but im just waiting to get home and smoke a joint i know itll work way better. Your video made my day once again ~cheers

  • Another awesome concentrate review Josh, the color and clarity of that errl is to die for.  Man I'm super interested in terps too, like each one tastes and smells different and each one effects the high in its own way and shit! Fascinating stuff!  And now we've got people using terpenes as a solvent to make terpy errl?!? TERPS!!!

  • How long THC still's on the urine ?

  • Another great review buddy lookin forward to the upcoming videos, channels gonna grow big!! Cheers from Victoria BC

  • Fyi imo if you ever feel the need to ask your viewers if we want an upload (even same strain) just do it man. We love your vids and thats why were here for you man =0) ohh, again loving the terp info! Peace.

  • Always love smoking with u josh, cheers man. Btw, do u watch xcodeh or haleyissoarx? 

  • I vood like to see all of your pieces along with a house tour! aclamaciones josh

  • Go on twitch lol your a beast