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“Afghan Widow” (Concentrate Review)


Today i’m reviewing “Afghan Widow” from T-Rex Concentrates. Afghan Widow is what I assume to be a cross between [Afghan Kush x White Widow].

It’s an Indica dominant Hybrid that would be great for Insomnia, Joint & Muscle Pain, Nausea, Appetite Stimulation, Cancer, and Glaucoma. It’s very sedating and will lock you into the couch if you smoke too much!

Overall I give this a solid [6.5/7]


  • the pepper flavour is from the myrceme in the White Widow!

  • I love the fact that you gathered some information from online and state that in the video and say you could possibly be wrong, instead of being one of those guys who get their information online and act like pros. Thats why I subscribed.

  • I've been wanting to watch this video for a few weeks, ever since I first started watching your videos. The thumbnail image makes this stuff look so good.

  • i love your vids bro keep it up

  • dude I have gi problems and weed helps me soon much man good luck k on u r surgery man. stay medicated

  • Ady

    Just got my post with my afghan widow in so I'm watching this vid again smoking along with you, so rad to be able to smoke the same stuff the other side of the world. Cheers again Josh, much love bro ?

  • do more flower reviews!!! and review trainwreck!!! and I love u 

  • Wtf, you're not 21?! Jesus i must be really young for my age because I've been 21 for 6 months already (about when I started blazing to your vids) and I always thought you were older than me! Also, fuck the recreational age… It will forever just be medicine. Jah bless.

  • man I need to catch up on your videos I always forget how awesome they are haha its like smoking with a killer weed nerd :)

  • I could only imagine some dumbass 18 year old trying to buy BHO and holding up the line, not knowing what he's talking about. That law makes a lot of sence. It's the same if an 18 year old was trying to buy beer, anoying because they don't know what they're looking for. 

  • Dude, best channel ever.  Goodluck for your operation, hope she goes smoothly and that recovery doesn't take too long.  Gotta go in for an op soon too so this made me feel a bit more comfortable, Peace!

  • Good luck with the surgery Josh.

  • hope your market lets you back in i want a walk through and you dabbing there

  • shared over at .. would be awesome if you could post your vids there also… peace

  • Ady

    Hope the surgery goes ok Josh, good luck bro. 

  • Medical shops are NOT retail locations unless they are licensed by the LCB.  Expect this at most shops from now on.  Their Afghan Widow is bomb.

  • Josh, this video really meant a lot to me. I just got diagnosed with crohns dissease, but i have suffered for years.. I'ts nice to see someone dealing with the same kind of horrible issues staying so positive. You made my day 🙂 peace and cheers

  • Ady

    Glad you got to try the pred pink bro ?, bit shit about the market too. I'll be trying the afghan widow for sure, cheers Josh 

  • He's so wise!