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“AC/DC” (Concentrate Review)


AC/DC is a Sativa dominant phenotype of the high CBD strain “Cannatonic”. It’s one of the the first CBD strains to reach a 20:1 – CBD:THC ratio. This strain is great for those looking for pain relief without getting “high”. Great for seizures, pain, stress, headaches, and cancer symptoms.

It has a very unique earthy, citrus, and cherry taste to it!!

Overall I give this strain a solid [6.6/7]

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  • cheers guy cha cha chay cha cheers

  • Would this be good for someone with anxiety and panic attacks? I really don't wanna take benzos

  • i really like cbd

  • What if you were buying on the streets and got this? It looks like any other weed.

  • The funny thing is, when I first got my mmj card, I actually would ONLY smoke this strain or eat edibles made from it because it was PERFECT for getting me used to the psychoactive properties of THC, I moved on through most of the CBD strains lowering the CBD content and I would smoke them until they weren't as psychoactive to me anymore.

  • I just came across this concentrate the other day. Totally psyched.

  • omg seriously if it cant get u ripped what good is it

  • with no psychoactive thc affects? well whats the point?

  • Think this Concentrate would work well for Anxeity and Depersonalization?

  • so thankful to live in a legal state, but this is what bugs me about prohibition and medical cards etc. i took a really bad slam this weekend skateboarding, my back was killing me till i got some CBDs. this pain popped up out of nowhere, i wasn't anticipating this, and it happened on vacation so i couldn't even relieve my pain till i got home. it really bugs me how cbd isn't legal for an over the counter cure-all, especially considering it isn't psychoactive

  • It taste like cherry lip balm aka cherry lip stick aka cherry chap stick lol. Either way it's a really interesting flavor, I've had the honest extracts version of this strains oil. Really great stuff. 

  • What do you need to take it for? What age did you start using?

  • Thank you very much for doing a review of a high CBD medicine. If you could do a few more of the CBD strains I think people would be interested.

  • I got the acdc cartridge from absolute xtracts and it hella tastes like cherry medicine!!! Kinda weird???

  • "CBD Industry" AMA on reddit /r/CBD on Saturday 9th at 4 PM ET.

  • Golden grams

  • Not sure if this is one of those of limit questions but how much do those pucks go for usually?

    In any case, great vid and thx

  • do they ship it

  • Great video Josh 🙂
    But I really think this could be interesting for the rec market in the sense that it could be like the beer you drink after work, from what I know there aren't really a lot of strains like that. Because of that it could be a great "dad strain" since you usually won't want to get absolutely smashed after work if you have kids.

  • CBD pills are the greatest but I would still love to try a dab of that! great vids man cheers

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