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“Acapulco Gold” (Concentrate Review)


Acapulco Gold is a Mexican landrace strain that provides you with a very uplifting, creative, and euphoric Sativa dominant high. It would be great for those suffering from Depression, Stress, Nausea, Pain, or Appetite Problems. It has a very earthy & hashy taste. Overall I give this strain a [6.5/7]


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  • peace and pot awesome dank

  • Acapulco gold and all the other south American gold strains were called gold because they were dried in the sun and turned brown. Hippys that have acopulco gold, Columbian gold, and the other gold 60s-70s- early 80s that they brought back up to the US and still grow today are growing all green. but they aren't drying it in the sun

  • Id really like to know what you stoners do for a living if your not college students? Most employers of good jobs require a drug test. Yeah I know about the ways you get around it but if you have even a minor accident at work they want your piss/blood or and hair samples.Is it worth it?

  • i bought some mr nice guy this weekend, i was zonked…
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    i remember closing my eyes for what i thought was 5 minutes , but was 30 seconds..

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  • Cheers man, love ur reviews josh. Keep up the good work ✌️

  • My mother says that one of the reasons it's called Acapulco Gold is because the bud itself has very fine gold-looking hairs. She says back in the day, it was the best weed lol 🙂 

  • Lol in "the devil went down to Jamaica" the devil has alcupolco gold!

  • VIDEO IDEA: taking a couple small dabs vs one big glob.  just sitting here dab-ating on whether i wanna take a big one or just chill with a couple small ones for a while. thanks in advanced if you pick this up

  • Alright man, seen you around the community for a while now.. I'm really liking your content man. You got a sub from me 🙂 cheers man. Keep up the great attitude.

  • Can you tell me what kind of music you use in this video? i know its instrumental but maybe you can give me some titles/names. really enjoying it :)

  • Nice video. Keep it up 

  • Looks fire almost like sugar wax Cheers 

  • Nice always high when I'm with you cheers

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  • Is there such thing thing as a perfect strain ???

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