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A Closer Look At CBD


  • i would love to cbd allover sarahs tight areshole´╗┐

  • criiiiiiiiiiiiinge´╗┐

  • great series but why the bad acting, I cant take it seriously especially when im baked LOL´╗┐

  • I was expecting a porno!

  • yeah, its so corny that i would it was going to turn into a porno..

  • Hell yea! Make that bitch legal

  • hahah you took the words-outta-my-mouth bro## on a serious note though….props to my fellow CA hipster-cannabis warriors!! thanx for sharing this underrated rare find.

  • I have had severe anxiety and panic attacks. I have hope that CBD will allow me to get feeling better and also get off all these medications that have horrible side effects. Thanks for the great informational video.

  • a little surprised this didnt break into a low budget porn within 2 minutes…

  • Please bring Medical Marijuana to Pennsylvania I need CBD for my psychosis and I WILL NOT use pharmaceuticals because of their very harmful and life altering side effects.

  • The acting in the start reminds be of a porno.

  • Cannabidiol must be very safe, it comes from Marijuana, no one has ever died from Marijuana! Cannabidiol comes across as a safe and sane antipsychotic, without all the harmful side effects! CANNBIDIOL IS GREAT MEDICINE!!!!!!!

  • Apoptic

  • good acting almost as good as porn

  • Good content but bad acting

  • I heard someone say that Microanalysis generates junk science. is this the case here. no insult, just curious.

  • Sorry this is 3:23 lol antiemetic … a bit medicated xD

  • at 3:23 she say "anti____" can anyone fill in the blank please?…thanks