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A Chat with a Member from North Carolina NORML Gil and Tang sit down with Ben Scales, a singer/song writer and Medical Marijuana activist for North Carolina NORML.


  • Donate and Help North Carolina become the 21st State to Legalize Medical Cannabis.


  • Very cool. Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your party.

  • North Carolina claims to be a leader in education, health care and research. It is time to follow the successful examples set by other states that allow safe legal access to medical cannabis. 

  • the guy from nc is sooooooooo stoned…it's ridiculous

  • I'm hoping house bill 1380 gets passed. My brother has had a lot of back pain for years and I'd like him to have something besides vicodin and muscle relaxers for the pain and spasms. Because he is worried about the possibility of addiction and organ damage he sometimes goes without when he needs them. I'd also like to be able to grow pot for him. I don't know why but I want to be a pot farmer but I won't do it illegally.

  • Tang get your sweet ass back to the bootcamp.

  • whoooo! north carolina!

  • @nugporn people say cakilak for north carolina or south carolina. im from south carolina and people down here say the same thing =)

  • @MrRyansmo @KcOGKush @1979rickfukingjames always my target video length! thanks for noticing and for the comments!!!

  • @SYNtoker i have no idea what north cakilak is, but SYN glass is nice. 🙂 thanks for the comment! – Gil

  • @wrigzor this was a VERY RARE video that doesn't contain smoking weed. that said, the main topic was in fact… weed! thanks for the comment – Gil 

  • @snnh4
    Nice – by the time I watched this its been almost 420 views…

  • where was the nugporn!?!

  • hahahaahahaha the vid time :)

  • Dude. These guys are super baked. Must be nice.

  • wow i had 1st view for the first time on this vid! yea!

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