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“9 Pound Hammer” (Concentrate Review)


So I picked up some “9lb Hammer” from Center St. Collective today.

This strain is a cross between (GooBerry x Hells OG x Jack The Ripper) and it provides you with a nice Indica dominant almost sedating high.

The taste is AWESOME! It has a very lime-y taste right off the bat, followed by purple/kushy undertones. The aftertaste it leaves is almost like grape candy!

I would say this concentrate would be great for those suffering from Chronic Pain, Stress, Anxiety, and Insomnia. Overall I give it a [6.2/7]


  • looked this up because I just bought an of 9 pound hammer flower and I go only to you for my info : )

  • This was forever ago lol

  • I just got a clone of the 9lb hammer a month ago. can't wait to smoke it. North Bend, OR. smoking on the white and some gorilla glue

  • that 9lb hammer aint no joke best strain ive ever had ,great high n very flavorful , and im snoking on some Blue magoo and green queen right now ,shoutout to you from UTAH aka Smoke Lake City

  • Lol actually I'm smoking the 9pound hammer (flower) from Apple gate valley organics I got in Portland.This particular strain definitely hit me like a 9 pound hammer, I was out in about 2 hours.

  • Mango king, Southern California

  • I was just looking up this strain because i just picked it up and i was super pleasantly surprised to see your name when i searched it so cheers from palm beach florida!

  • 9 pound hammer is a mostly Indica TGA strain.

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  • I got some girlscout cookies here. Up up and away cheers

  • Im a patient here in Southern California. Im Smokin on some Dream Extracts Platinum cookies shatter. Cheers from SoCal

  • Smoking on some Jack Herer in Oregon. Cheers

  • I'm smoking on some 9pound hammer flower lol. I got it at greener today in Seattle

  • Smokin on some mr nice guy right now 

  • In FL. patiently waiting for next month to VOTE!!! SO STOKED!!! 

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  • I've been smoking on this Church OG shatter I've been getting at a dispensary near me (La) for $20. When I got it at first I thought it would awful but was really surprised. It ain't nug run but it gets the job done. Tastes good too.