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Subscription Review: The 710 Box by BuddaBox

Hey there PNW fans!  We’ve unboxed over a dozen mail-order boxes by now and we almost feel like we’re an authority on the subscription boxes. We’re back with another one! This box is the 710 Box from BuddaBox!  Buddabox offers a flower and oil version and this is the oil (or concentrate) themed box!

The 710 Box by Buddabox:

This box came in plain brown packaging. When you open the box you see:

  • A pack of slaps
  • iCloud 4″x4″ dab mat
  • iCloud “dab” concentrate container with 2 concentrate holders
  • “Lego” style separated concentrate container with spots for 7 different concentrates
  • 8″ water pipe
  • 14mm ceramic domeless nail

As you see there isn’t as many items in this box as some of the other boxes we’ve reviewed. But, the items they did include were curated well and went along with the theme of the box nicely! The concentrate containers are all platinum cured so no worry of off-gassing. The water pipe has a waffle-style diffuser and rips nicely. Lastly, the dab mat is one of the larger ones and works well to cover the center of a dab bar for your tools.


This box isn’t very large. I’ve seen larger boxes at this price point so maybe they could add just a couple more things to the box. Maybe not though, we weren’t complaining about what we got in this box!

It’s super hard to find info on this box. Their Facebook page just gives a link to their webpage, and the web page only discusses flower focused items or the Buddarig (which we hope to review soon!). No where can you find pricing on this version of their box.

The ceramic nail is a bit “janky”. Two heatings and it cracked on the underside of the cup. No longer usable because it will leak your melted concentrates through the crack. It may have been my fault, but as someone who LOVES low temp dabbing I doubt I heated to the cracking point.

There is our unboxing and review of the 710 Box by BuddaBox! It may have be light in items but those items were mighty! Even with a couple of flaws, the 710 Box receives the PNWCR Badge of Approval!












  • Lots of dab supplies
  • Decent little glass water pipe
  • Box is centered around theme


  • Ceramic nail is not quality
  • Hard to find info on
  • Small compared to other boxes
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