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Thought i’d bust down on a classic widowmaker this afternoon! Had a whole bunch of different flavors sitting around, so why not do a crazy combo with them! 😛

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  • Coolio Homieo.

  • I love how you promote positivity man! We need more of that in the world high vibes bro!

  • Dude that shirt is fresh as fuckk

  • Nice ?

  • dat beard on fleek doev

  • you're such a goon i love it

  • what was on the nail that was combusting?

  • he says "all bad"……yeah, no taste, too hot, except the high….the high is on another level! more or less haha, some get too high and get paranoid some its just a little extra kick of stoniness! you know this josh, cheers mate! GO SEAHAWKS

  • How long you been chiefin ?

  • it takes 1,500 pounds of cannabis in under 15 minutes to over dose with it…

  • this would be a guaranteed bad trip for me.

  • cleared that like a champ respect.

  • He got like insta baked after that drag ?

  • dob lol

  • actually buy a quave banger

  • So, all this indica and sativa in this dab what do u feel? Like sleeping or going to do something? Please respond

  • I like this guy. He's like you're not so intense customggrow420 and more informative about things. Thumbs up!

  • You should make a video on the different kinds of dabs. Like kinds of solvents and methods of making them. Not like "hey kids make your own bass at home!" But I'd love to be more educated on what I could potentially be putting in my body. If you already have one, can someone link it to me?

  • Nigga is already baked. You can tell by his mannerisms ?

  • To be honest, I preferably think that StrainCentral is better then CustomGrow420… Still have respect for Jolie Olie though.