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Back with another challenge video! Thought you’d enjoy a nice fatty dab of some Dutch Treat Shatter. I’ll go for the full gram eventually ­čśë Hope everyone is having a great day! More videos soon!


  • R.i.p josh lol´╗┐

  • Young josh lol´╗┐

  • Now that was a cloud. Cheers!´╗┐

  • So what happened right after you ended the video here??? lol´╗┐

  • 0.5 was in ur rig´╗┐

  • Goodshit! earned a sub´╗┐

  • huge cloud lol´╗┐

  • philthy´╗┐

  • damn bro! dragon status!´╗┐

  • Props, I actually like your vids.´╗┐

  • that was pro as fuck´╗┐

  • That's one BIG dab. Sub'd┬á´╗┐

  • You sir are amazing. You are my proxy during my tolerance break´╗┐

  • Filthy´╗┐

  • that would literally kill me! lol´╗┐

  • New sub man. Great huge dab bro.. ´╗┐

  • New sub! Fuck that was huge I'm taking a tolerance break and last time I probably did .1-.2(Girl Scout Cookies) after 2-3 days after not smoking and I was paranoid as fuck for the first hour Lmao. Epicc. Can't wait to smoke again!´╗┐

  • Nice Hit my man new sub. Check out my channel. I have alot of big hit videos like this´╗┐

  • One of the biggest dabs I've seen taken in a long time, awesome bro´╗┐