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5-in-1 SNAKE DAB!!!


Got a 5-in-1 snake dab today, I know I called it a “widowmaker”, but a widowmaker is 6 dabs or more! :/

The T-Rex Concentrates that we’re used:
– Plushberry
– Jack the Ripper
– Ripped Berry
– Lemon Skunk
– Blue Russian

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  • Nice vid josh, just made my first upload. All vids filmed in 4k (extremely hq) and in gonna post a grow update soon.

  • I'm the 15,000 like!!!

  • Hbdabfellas don't get mad fellas!!! Dope ass snake homie it looked venomous…lol….cheers from EL Presidente

  • Yuuuuuuumyyy!

  • Collab with custom grow 420?

  • Growing pretty quick man, got like 2000 subs in like a month or two, keep up the dope videos man and the subs will follow 

  • Got some Jack the Ripper coming to me soon! Can't wait now and this looks awesome… Peace josh

  • Nice widowmaker dang! Those trex dabs look really good, love the color. Nice works and cheeeeers

  • Took that like a total champ! Cha cha cheers to you! Wonderful video, always enjoy seeing a new one up in the morning. I'll be wake and baking here with you soon to your next video!! Xx

  • nice josh took it like a champ i just woke up and ur wake n bake came up 5 mins ago so i packed a bowl to this vid and smoked on the next video cheers

  • pushing out content like no other, rad as hell man. liked n shared as usual. cheers.

  • Fire dabs tho for sure, top shelf quality!

  • cheers

  • Cheers!

  • Maybe do a review on a piece??

  • cha cha cha cha cha cha cheers ;)

  • Yeah buddy, that's the way to do it. Cheers bro. Dabbed some purple chem og iso with ya. Stay blessed

  • I take dabs this size on the norm…..

  • Maybe I missed it, but I dont think youve done a Q&A? I think thatd be a good video!

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