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5 DABS + 1 BOWL = 1 BREATH! (ErrlTV Big Hit Contest)


ErrlTV- (

So today I decided to do my entry to ErrlTV’s Big Hit Contest! I try and rip 5 different kinds of shatter/wax and follow it with a bowl of LA Conn in 1 single breath. Hope everybody enjoys! Good luck to everybody else entering!


  • I scrolled all the way down here im watching all of your amazing videos!

  • Hell yeah man. I was vaping to your video. 

  • that was fuckin real nice dude. I use to use a propane torch too…. :/ da feelz for you bro

  • such hit.  many dabs.  very hit.  much like.

  • Added this to the contest playlist with the other entries :)

  • throwing down hard nice entry!!!

  • GranmaDabs here! You are so smart! What a great life you have a head of you! Enjoy watching you!!

  • Great vid! That was an awesome entry :)

  • Wow

  • WHAT !!! that was sick P&P

  • Whoooooeeee!

  • Went hard

  • Love it!

  • That was huge man!! Agreed with comment below , one of my favorite youtubers! Super entertaining bro. Cheers, looks like that hit got you good! 

  • Even though you're just starting out your channel is raw as hell. You are easily one of my favorite YouTubers. I love to smoke to your vids!