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“420 Science” UNBOXING!!


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Thought i’d throw up a quick unboxing video for this 420 Science package!! They definitely sent some rad goodies to review, so I can’t thank them enough!! Make sure to go give them some love!!

Tried the smoke soap already today…. Being honest, It wasn’t my absolute favorite. Still prefer iso & salt! Wasn’t the best at getting caked on resin off and didn’t really even touch oil reclaim, but it was great at making the glass shine like it was brand new!! Will have to try it with an actual pipe soon though!

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  • That spoon was sick! How much are these 420 Science boxes?

  • dude your room looks exactly like mine. what the actual fuck.

  • The word essentially

  • got ta get em hot and herdy!

  • what's the best monthly box subscription? IV been thinking about getting one but can't decide which ones are actually worth the money.


  • Isn't it illegal to hide the ingredients? 2:24

  • which beat did you use for this video? cant seem to find it :/

  • you know I got my first combat knife when I was 5

  • Shows us the stickers from behind other stuff. GG Weed

  • background music fades always on point man :)

  • great video josh :]

  • whats the name of that beat on min 3:57?

  • Great vids. Keep it up. Oh, wut kinda torch is that?

  • Anyone looking to buy a 60mm Sovereignty down stemline hit me up. I have only used it about 10 times. Perfect condition. Comes with a Wilson disk bowl, which is a little more used. I will let it go for $290 shipped. Great little piece. I will send you pictures first. Use paypal. Its all legit.

  • So uh what do those stickers look like?lmao

  • 1:30 that was ur index finger homie ??

  • Keep making videos!!!

  • Dude that pipe is dope af haha

  • hold in your dabs bro you can get way higher by holding them in