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420 Primary Caregivers Stop by and see what mega deals they have to offer at this Anaheim collective!


  • lol im baked afff right now. idk how i even got here haha. all i know is, i wish they have dispensarys in chicago.

  • Damn it you aint black shake like a white man lol! `0`

  • Did they close down?

  • really your the one who killed the tomato plant … nigga thats kid shit homie

  • why do they say "donate" 25 dollars for 2 grams? don't they mean like pay 25 dollars?

  • Mike V without that E cause he don't thizz!

  • @demonxthedk dude its cali, do you think its just "reg weed"? NO its the medicinal bomb bomb!!! MMJ

  • super good weed, good customer service.. thumbs up…RECOMENDED!!!!!

  • When he sais "donate", Is it because you cant legally sell the weed? Im not from the US so i dont know.

  • Colorado?

  • Dude i just want to punch the guy talking square in the face

  • Man these new dispensary vids have a creepy vibe to them!

  • @ejkkje i feels ya dude

  • To be completely honest how come there are so many god damn dispensaries? Why not just make the god damn shit legal already? Fucking stupid state.

  • 0:25 lol the guys got a boner from all that weed and is trying to hide it by slouching

  • At 1:20 when he said the strains start at $20 does anyone know if hes talking about $20 for an 8th or what?

  • why cant ppl jus be happy and appreciate their videos. criticism is only constructive to a point.

  • This guy is talking to us as if we're young children

  • bad ass

  • y r these set up as commercials? get your ass inside and talk to the bud tender and see what they got those vids are way more interesting