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4/20 LIVE STREAM!!!! – (SWAG Collective)

The start to today’s long list of live streams!! We want to provide you guys with as much entertainment as possible today, so this is simply the beginning. From giveaways, to collab streams. It’s going to be a fun one!

Mary – (

Kayla – (

Jarod – (


  • Its pretty seeing all the trees and stuff covered in snow, but its a whole different story driving in it! Also, shoveling it is a pain in the he ass! Im from Wisconsin, so I've seen my fair share if snow!

  • who else loves bob Marley

  • I had no idea how young you are Josh! I definitely would have thought you were older than me.

  • I smoked 4 grams and ate 2 edibles that were new and were a mash up of weeds and had LSD. I shit my pants XD

  • I hate this snowday bullshit! I live in sweden and i've had like 2 meters of snow and no snowday.. the only consequence of a snowy day in sweden is that you need to get up 1 hour earlier so you're not late to school/work…

  • this is really awkward. i feel like non of them have talked once in their life. its just kinda that awkward situation where youre kinda trying to find things to say do there isnt silence. lol

  • dope but wish it wasn't called swag collective. sounds like some 2012 middle school shit. its should be the GAS colective

  • Pretty awkward

  • She wants the D

  • Kayla has such an amazing attitude she sat there with a smirk and like smiled and nodded for a lot of this lol.

  • What she said about southern states is true. It's not anywhere in the foreseeable future here. People here treat it like crack or meth like we are going to smoke a bowl and shoot up a school. Depending on where you live the cops are the only ones who take it lightly. (Given I Lived in places where you get slapped with the whole book by some cops) most of the time where I live now they don't even respond to calls about weed. It's the lack of education in these states. The lack of individuality and open mind.

  • Lol josh is bare foot. Chilllllinnnnnnn

  • the girl in the upper left is hot

  • do your competition include new zealand. lol

  • didn't get chance see this 420 but josh love your vids been watching for for long time smoke half with 4 friends then to family's lol

  • hi

  • ^5 Kayla – Lets smoke soemtime!

  • ^5 420 Friday!

  • This reminds me of the cartmanbra episode of southpark

  • Only thing stopping you from growing is yourself Josh. I started way back in Boulder… Timber Ridge Apartments to be exact, if you want to look them up to see what kind of place it is like. It's your average complex, right next to campus, with maintenance stopping in for furnace checkups etc. I just went and bought a little thrift store cabinet which I modified to my needs. That hid things away and boom… The journey started. Never was a problem. Moved several other places with various landlords, none seemed pot friendly either, didn't ask of course… Still never been a problem. Just saying.